Friday, December 14, 2012

And I Weep

  A cousin of mine (who's writing I greatly admire), wrote as her Facebook status today, "And I weep." I was torn up by the simplicity of this statement. This one post sums it up." I weep."  My children are my life. They are literally the reason I wake up, fill a travel mug with coffee, and venture out into the world every day. They are on my mind from the time my eyes inexplicably open until they close every night. The thought that they are at the mercy of a world full of people, many of whom don't care about them, fills me with a such a sense of dread that I sometimes get nauseous. The news today of the shooting in Connecticut has only ratcheted this feeling up by a multiple whatever. The parents of these babies whom they have swaddled, and loved, and hugged, and kissed, must be in such a state of inhuman torment that to think about it leaves me...speechless, angry beyond belief, and scared. I could be that father. My child could have been the one who wondered what was happening and where his Daddy was while that bastard indiscriminately pointed his weapon and pulled the trigger. And I weep. People have been slaughtering each other for thousands of years and the things we humans do to each other as we are flung around on this marble are truly monstrous, but children? Seriously? My mind and my heart breaks at the thought of what these parents must be going through. I don't even know how I could continue to breathe in such a situation. Many of us wonder, when something like this happens, "Where is God?" This is where faith comes in, and it's easy for me, whose children are safe asleep in the next room, to invoke the Lord, but I would hope that I would be able to hold onto that faith. Pray for these mothers and fathers. They are in more pain than any of us can possibly imagine. And keep your children close. The wolf is always at the door.

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